Brittany shares her weight loss story

Dancer and actress Brittany Scrivner lost 7 kg on the Stronger Together weight loss program in Queanbeyan, New South Wales.

Brittany joined the program after putting on weight during the pandemic.

“I was working in the US. When Covid struck our contract was cancelled and we were sent home,” Brittany said.

“I fell into a depression, which affected me physically and mentally.

“Being a professional dancer, we’re required to maintain a certain weight. This can have a big impact on how you view yourself.

“I joined the program because I wanted to lose weight. But I also wanted to improve my relationship with food and my relationship with myself.”

Performer: Dancer, singer, actress Brittany Scrivner

Brittany, who has starred in movies and Disney theatrical productions, lost 7 kg over the 12 weeks. The group as a whole, 12 people, lost 74 kg.

“The program has changed my life,” Brittany said.

“I’ve got my confidence back. It’s given me the power to take back my life.

“There was incredible support, not just in relation to my physical self but my mental and emotional self.

“The hardest thing was accepting things had to change”


“The hardest thing for me was accepting that things needed to change. There’s no quick fix. It’s hard work, but what pushed me and inspired me was the support I was given.

“I have met the most inspiring people in this program. It’s taught me that we’re not alone.

“Once I was given the tools there was no stopping me. I’ve been able to break down walls that have built up over a long time.”

Program coach Mike Smith said: “Brittany was incredible. From the get go she faced her fears. It takes a lot of courage to do that. From that moment she never looked back.

“I’m privileged. I get to see tremendous courage every week. It inspires me.”

Mike, who himself has overcome drug and alcohol addiction and body image issues, said the key to losing weight was the weekly weigh-in, support and practical tips and advice.

Endurance: Mike, after overcoming drug and alcohol addiction, raced 25 km to the top of Mt Kosciuszko, Australia’s highest mountain

The program covers three areas; food, drink and nutrition, physical activity and exercise, and mindset, thoughts and feelings.

“We work individually and as a group,” said Mike. “We learn from our own experiences and each other. We’re all in this together.”

Mike is a Fitness Australia registered exercise professional, gym instructor, group exercise instructor, aqua fitness instructor, AustSwim swim coach and endurance athlete.

“We’re stronger together”

Mike Smith

He was a Weight Watchers coach. His workshops grew to be among the biggest in Australia and New Zealand.

The next Stronger Together weight loss programs start next week, two locations, Queanbeyan, New South Wales, and Canberra, ACT. Inquiries: 02 – 6181 3579 or

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